I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be holding our second annual Classic Literature night this Friday, June 12th, in the recreation and worship center.

Audiobook Literature Theme

classic literature booksThe theme this year will be: “Discovering Literature Through Audiobooks,” with a focus on ways to increase your exposure to classic literature when you might not have time to sit down and read a book.

We’ll look at a couple of free resources, like http://freeaudiobookguide.com, or audible.com that can help you find good books to listen to on the go.

We’ll also show you how you can integrate these great audio books with your cell phone or tablet, so that you don’t have to be tied to a computer to listen!

That opportunity opens up a world of wonders for enjoying audiobooks, from sitting in the car driving to and from work, to going for a jog or other gym activity, to walking the dog, or even cleaning the kitchen!

The chances to listen are limited only by your imagination, and we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you out!

Possible Book Club?

church book clubThe other purpose of Friday’s meeting is to discuss whether or not we want to re-start the literature book club we had last year.

Last year, 5 participants read a half dozen books over the course of the summer, and some have shown a renewed interest in starting the club again.

While the reading list hasn’t been set, the point of the club is to focus on classic literature. Some of the ideas that worship leader Kathy McClaren suggested include:

Each of these has at least some Christian-themed elements, and one point of the group would be to discuss how the concept of God is treated in different types of literature, either explicitly or implicitly.

The Chronicles of Narnia, for instance, is a great allegory for God and the ascension of Christ, while The Scarlet Letter takes a harsh look at the strict Puritan morals of colonial Boston.

At any rate, the reading list and meeting times are still open for discussion, pending interest by the church fellowship community.

Hello all,

In today’s post I wanted to take a minute to write about last week’s boating safety activity, and share some wonderful news about the event and all that participated in honor of National Boating Safety Week.

boating safety weekSaturday morning, over 50 members of our ministries gathered by the lake shore to go over boating safety procedures. As the summer season is coming up fast, we believe this is a hugely important event for anyone interested in participating in recreational boating activities with us this summer.

We were happy to see members of all ages turn up, from 5 to 70, and a wide level of experience.

Here’s what happened:

Morning Life Jacket Reviews

The day started off with a talk from Herb Gartner about the importance of life jackets, and the USCG campaign to wear your life jacket at all times on the water, regardless of weather or water conditions.

“A life jacket you’re not wearing can’t save you,” he pointed out, and “you never know when you’ll need it. So just wear it!”

He also gave a detailed review of the Mustang Survival MIT 100 life jacket, as well as an Onyx AM 24 review. You can find more information on these life jackets by going to www.boatersafety.org.

“These are two of the best life jackets on the market,” he said, “but you have to know how to use them, and they’re not for everybody.”

He then proceeded to give a demonstration of how to inflate a manual life jacket, using volunteer (guinea pig) Jeff Reynolds.

For more information, you can check out this video.

Afternoon On The Water Demonstrations

laser sailboatAfter lunch, the group returned lakeside to go through a series of afternoon on the water safety demonstrations.

These included a basic overview of how to manage our fleet of lasers, and safe practices for judging the wind conditions on the lake, making sure you’ll always be able to get back to shore easily and safely.

These are great boats, but safety is always an issue. The biggest thing to be aware of is how to right the boat in the event you capsize. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you only go out with an experienced sailor, and why our ministry association requires and on the water test in order to be certified for each type of boat in our fleet.

Opening The Summer Season

Finally, the day finished off with an official “opening” of our summer season.

Herb wants everyone to know that the boats are available for use Friday afternoons, Saturday all day, and Sunday afternoons, until school gets out in June.

After that, we’ll have volunteers available every day of the week to help staff the boating center. So, feel free to head on down and take one of the skiffs out for a few hours!

We’re also going to be having a new series on sailing training courses, starting at the end of June.

There will be three groups:

  • Under 12
  • 13-18
  • Adults

Times and dates are still TBD. If you’re interested in participating in one of these courses, please let us know. We ask for a small donation in exchange for the program, which helps to maintain our center and keep the boats free to use for all ministry members.



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